Monday, October 17, 2011

malayalam jathaka porutham

The malayalees have solved this complex problem of jathaka porutham selection by
recourse to astrological considerations, If investigations into the various
kutas are undertaken before the marriage is contracted, there will
perhaps be fewer tragedies than at present and less marital infidelity.

Modern science has devised no means to find out the kundali milan
between the marrying couple. Sexologists suggest that the bride and
bridegroom should subject themselves to a thorough medical
examination. Although this sounds reasonable, it makes an important
omission in that mere physical fitness does not ensure complete marital
happiness. Happiness largely rests upon so many other factors that the
aid of astrology should be sought for by every sensible individual.
In selecting horoscope matching for marriage purposes, three factors have to be
carefully considered. They are: -

(a) The longevity of the bride and the bridegroom.
(b) The larger strength of the 7th and 8th houses.
(c) Agreeability in regard to the Kutas or poruththam.

When there is no longevity in the case of bride, the horoscope must be
rejected even though the 7th house may be strong or the requsite
number of units are available. Likewise when the 7th house is weak and
is considerably blemished, the horoscope to be matched should have
antidotes or counteracting influences.The malayalam jathaka porutham
method seems to follow all these and have a wide range of agreement
between the kutas and other marital blemishes.

The kutas or the units of agreement should be considered only when
there is general sympathy between the horoscopes of the parties to be
brought together. The existing practice almost all over India and
particularly in the South is highly defective and dangerous as
horoscopes are rejected simply
because they do not conform to certain kutas, while the most important factors
such as longevity, widowhood,etc are completely ignored.

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